I'm a theater teacher, director, writer, artist, mother of three, and an all-around creative instigator. There's nothing I like more than the inspiring, humbling process of making art with young people-- and helping them learn to create their best selves in the process. Watching kids surprise themselves with their own resilience, artistry and strength is one of my great joys. 

A decade of teaching theater in the Bronx has taught me the power of creative leadership experiences to equip kids with vision, compassion, attention to detail, grace under pressure, and other critical skills necessary for success in a complex changing world. What would it be like, I've often wondered, to design a school with creative student leadership at the heart of its mission?

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm currently collaborating with a brilliant team of colleagues--many of them former students-- on a proposal for such a school: a progressive, diverse, non-selective, arts-based middle school to open in Lower Manhattan in 2016. Check out our vision for City School of the Arts and follow our journey at www.cityschoolofthearts.org!